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annnnnd we’re back.

Hi all!

It’s sure been a while, but this (not-so-new-anymore) little guy has been keeping us very busy lately.  Meet James.  He’s seven months old now and the love of our lives.

Funny enough, I’ve only pulled out my “real” camera to photograph him a few times.  At first, I felt guilty about it, but then I decided to give myself some grace.  These moments are so fleeting – it’s easy to get caught up in documenting every tiny detail, but it’s even more important to me to be present – to be here with him, experiencing all of this for the first time.  So most days, iPhone photos and little video snippets will have to do, but I did want to share a few of my favorites of this sweet babe here.

All this to say, I’m ready to get back after it!  I’ll be taking on a few photo sessions each month, now – focusing on couples & families, maternity & newborns.  If you’re interested in booking a session, email me for more information and we’ll set something up!


The Sylvesters {Maternity & Newborn}

Bobby & Kara have been good friends for quite a while.  For the last year or so, we’d been a long way away from each other; they were in Colorado and we were in Madison, WI.  Now that we are all back in the St. Louis area, we’ve enjoyed spending time together!  We are so happy that our time here coincided with the birth of their first baby.  I loved taking their maternity photos, and just a few weeks later, Soren’s newborn photos.  It’s so nice to work with close friends who let you hang around for hours on end, half photographing/half catching up.

Love them.

Without further blabbing from me, pictures.  🙂

The Sylvesters {Maternity}

Soren {Newborn}
Soren {Newborn} 2

Brittany, Aaron, & Celtin {Maternity}

It was so much fun to get together with these three for maternity pictures!  Brittany is Ryan’s cousin and her son, Celtin, has been my little buddy at family functions ever since Ryan started bringing me along.  I can always count on Celtin to be a great Lego-building-partner…and he always gives us some great laughs, too.  We don’t see them often enough, but we were able to find some time on the morning before Brittany & Aaron’s baby shower to sneak in some pictures at Cinnamon Tree Farm.  We can’t wait to meet baby Gavin!

Enjoy!  🙂

Brittany, Aaron, & Celtin {Maternity} 1
Brittany, Aaron, & Celtin {Maternity} 2

The Meyers {Family}

Ryan and Marissa have been with me since the beginning.  It’s always just refreshing and fun to do a shoot with them.  There aren’t more thoughtful people in the world – as in, they called on their way because they were grabbing lunch and wondered if they could bring me something.  You can tell, after spending just an hour with them, that they truly appreciate each other.  And they were more than understanding when the barn I had in mind for our pictures was nowhere to be found.  In summary…I think they’re great.  🙂

After driving around for a while in search of the elusive barn, we found this gem of a spot.  The colors were ahhhh-mazing.  And we didn’t see any “No Trespassing” signs, so we made ourselves at home!

The Meyers {Family}


And I couldn’t help but post these ‘then & now’ photos of Jaxon.  Those eyes!

It’s been so much fun to watch him grow into an adorable toddler.  🙂

The Meyers {Family}

The Vanderwall Quintuplets {Baby}

Well, I could write forever about these beautiful babies and their amazing parents!  My husband, Ryan, and I have loved getting to know Cassie and Frank over the last year or so.  Right after we got married, we met them through our church in Madison (Blackhawk Church – which I would absolutely recommend for anyone in the area!) and we became good friends.

It wasn’t too long after that they announced they were expecting…quintuplets!  We were thrilled for them.

So many people prayed for the safe arrival of these babies and it has truly been a blessing to watch God answer those prayers.  If you haven’t already had a chance to read Cassie’s blog about her pregnancy and the babies, you should definitely take a look (Bump 2 Bab[y]ies)!

I was so happy to get to photograph the babes at 3 months.  🙂

Without further ado, meet (from top to bottom) Lilly, Kali, Ellie, Theo, & Bella.

The V-5 - Part 1
The V-5 - Part 2